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  • R package campsismod must be installed beforehand
  • Simulation engine must be installed too (rxode2, RxODE or mrgsolve)


Install the latest stable release using devtools:


Basic example

Import the campsis package:

Create your dataset:

ds <- Dataset(50) %>%
  add(Bolus(time=0, amount=1000, ii=12, addl=2)) %>%
  add(Observations(times=seq(0, 36, by=0.5)))

Load your own model or use a built-in model from the library:

model <- model_suite$pk$`2cpt_fo`

Simulate your results with your preferred simulation engine (rxode2, RxODE or mrgsolve at your choice!):

results <- model %>% simulate(dataset=ds, dest="rxode2", seed=1)

Plot your results:

shadedPlot(results, "CONC")